Dutch Docklands speaks at Asia Pacific Golf Summit

Published: 31-08-2012
Source: Asia Pacific Golf Development Conferences

(APGS2012) -- Allow your imagination to run wild for a moment. Better still, let it go ballistic! Because what we are about to tell you will sound like something out of a hallucinogenic trip deep into the world of fantasy.

Fortunately, it is not fantasy. It is real and you don’t even have to pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming.

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The 2012 Asia Pacific Golf Summit will be show-casing the world’s first floating golf course. We kid you not! It is for real and we will have the man and the organization involved in this cutting edge project to walk you through this stunning engineering feat in Brunei Darussalam.

The project is the highly innovative “Floating Golf Course” which will be built on the exotic Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The man at the helm of this breath-taking project is the renowned Paul H.T.M. van de Camp, chief executive officer of Dutch Docklands, the undisputed leader in “floating developments” in the world.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Maldivian Government to build this revolutionary golf course in the Indian Ocean and we are especially excited because this is a massive engineering undertaking to help the Maldives win the battle against rising water levels.”

Commenting on Mr. Van De Camp’s speaking engagement at APGS, Mike Sebastian, chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner and producer of the Summit said, “This is what the Summit is all about – to show-case change and to bring to Asia some of the best minds who are showing the world how to grow the game of golf in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.” He went on to add, “Dutch Docklands is a real visionary and we hope that their involvement with the Summit will spark some revolutionary ideas to take root in Asia.”

According to Mr. Van de Camp, the Maldivian project will involve an 18 hole floating golf course. “We are now in the process of awarding the final design to a golf course design company and Troon Golf, the world’s leading golf course management company serves as our consultant in this process”. The course will be built on various floating islands, some of them connected by underwater tunnels. “It will be an incredible project as you can imagine,” explained Mr. Van de Camp.

Besides the floating golf course, the total multi-million dollar project will include a conference hotel and waterfront residences.

Come and attend the 2012 Asia Pacific Golf Summit and hear for yourself how one of the world’s truly great engineering feats will unravel in the midst of the Indian Ocean.