Amazing Maldives floating hotel

Published: 15-01-2013

Yes, it’s an island in the shape of a star.

One of a series of five luxurious properties being built right now by Dutch Docklands, the Green Star will be a star-shaped floating convention hotel once completed.

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“The Green Star will blend-in naturally with the existing surrounding islands. The green covered star-shape building symbolises Maldivians innovative route to conquer climate change,” a Dutch Docklands spokesperson said.

“This will become the number one location for conventions about climate change, water management and sustainability.”
If the price tag for the company’s other latest project is anything to go by, the star could sell for up to $2 million per bungalow.

Dutch Docklands is currently selling waterfront villas – all with private pools in the Ocean Flower - a series of overwater bungalows designed in the shape of the typical Maldivian flower. The starting price for the smallest villas is $950,000.

When you feel like a bit of entertainment, resort guests will be able to pop over to the world’s first floating golf club.