Dutch Docklands

Dutch Docklands International BV is the World leader in FLOATING developments. Acting as Master Developer in most of our projects, we prefer working together with the local Governments in a Public-Private-Partnership in order to share the opportunity of creating new potential building space ON the water and to ensure Trust, Quality, Service and (local) Expertise. In this way we form solid long-term partnerships and contribute to the overall economic prosperity and urban development of the country. We differentiate ourselves with the unique proposition of a 'scarless' development that moves the context of a static city to one that is dynamic, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our Intellectual Property (IP) is based on hundreds of years of experience in the battle against water in the Netherlands and how this experience was used by the Dutch to perform incredible waterworks all over the world.

With more than 450 sizeable cities in the world situated next to sea, river or bay, there has always been this crucial point of looking at how to create extra “land” for expansion. Where landfills are no longer seen as an ecological way to expand into the water and expensive to maintain (and going into the back lands of the city not very economical from a point of attraction), the world needed to look more ecological friendly and more cost effective ways to create this extra ‘land’. Innovation was needed to come up with workable new solutions by thinking “out of the box”.

This resulted in changing our mind-set from 'fighting against the water' into 'living with the water'. Pioneers like the founders of Dutch Docklands made it their life’s mission to come up with ideas which could bring workable solutions which would not leave negative ‘footprints’ on our environment. Cities looking for expansion can now look ‘beyond the waterfront ‘ by using large scale floating solutions.

Yes, the solution lies in Floating Developments where the water is the base on which the construction rests. In fact nothing new there, as this is where already ancient populations in many places on earth have been living on the water on Floating houses for many, many centuries! Based on proven technology (many thousands of floating homes and other floating developments have been constructed in the Netherlands already), innovative thinking and successfully coping with engineering challenges, it is needless to say that Dutch Docklands Know H2Ow and expertise is second to none!

The 'Where there is nothing, anything is possible' mentality has always been the guide line for all our developments.

Dutch Docklands is an independent private company with a solid shareholding structure.

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