H2OPE: Dutch Docklands newly created Charity Branch

Hydraulic Opportunities for Precarious Environments (H2OPE)

Our Floating Know H2Ow is used for some unique developments for the Happy Few and of course we are very proud of that. Still, in our mind we have always believed that our technology could also be used for other purposes, especially in this era of climate change and sea level rise. So the question was: “How could the least privileged in this world still benefit from our Dutch expertise?

H2Ope is Dutch Docklands' newly created Not-For-Profit Charity branch in which we implement our KnowH2Ow in order to create safe and sustainable Floating solutions for vulnerable communities in various parts of the world. 

One of these areas are so-called slum communities. Communities that are living in conjunction with water, known as wet-slums. There are many of these that are threatened by rising sea levels, and it is important to shed light on people that are currently living without the most fundamental necessities. A lack of sanitation and energy sources are common problems within slum communities that should be addressed. Slum communities are not only here to stay, but they are growing! Aiding these communities by upgrading living standards will bring more prosperity and fortify the unique ways of life and cultures associated with these areas.

We strongly believe, that Floating City Apps, one element of the  Dutch Docklands' H2Ope branch, are the catalysts that will set off an evolving chain of events with the potential to finally bring significant results in the challenge to aid slum dwellers. These additions are based on considering what is needed most and they can be floating schools, floating purification plants, floating housing, floating agriculture plots, etc. Floating mobile urban components will open up a new avenue full of possibilities that address modern problems with sustainable, customizable solutions, which is exactly what complicated issues require. Gradually, this design will adapt to address what works, as well as what simply does not work.

Education is vital, as we all know. Therefore, H2Ope's first project is the Floating Communication App for Dhaka Bangladesh, which is now being built and is almost ready to be shipped to its location in Dhaka! With this project, several hundreds of children will get access to the digital world for the very first time!

With our H2Ope division we are working for an optimistic wet future!